Partner Setup

Complete the below sections to register and receive a partner number. If you are paying for client services use the username and password you created when you login to access your clients documents. If referring clients to purchase services, give them the 4 digit partner key you receive after completing this registration so they receive the 5% discount and are connected to you in the system.

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Please read the below agreement, then check the box indicating your understanding and agreement with all provisions.


The following Terms and Conditions apply to and are incorporated as a material portion of the Agreement between the organization identified in Partner Registration (“Affiliate”), and HR Service, Inc. (“HR Service”).

HR Service agrees to provide assigned Affiliate clients with the following services, depending on options selected by Affiliate for each client:

  • Compliance Basics
    • Legal updates & due date reminders sent monthly. Affiliate logo is included when 10+ clients are assigned
    • HR Bulletin, covering one key topic each month. Affiliate logo is included when 20+ clients are assigned
    • Access to the all-in-one web-based employee notifications service, new hire forms, and access to past bulletins and legal updates.
    • HIPAA Tool Kit
    • HR Solutions – Access to documents, tools and templates provided inside the web-based system.
  • Summary Plan Description (SPD) Wrap Service
    • Allows client or Affiliate to create, store, and access the web-based SPD Wrap service. Affiliate will be provided access to his/her assigned clients, allowing ability to create and edit documents.
  • 125 Premium Only Plan (POP) Service
    • Allows client to create, store and access the 125 POP documents, and to conduct annual discrimination testing.
  • Compliance Basics Plus – SPD Wrap
    • In addition to Compliance Basics services, includes web-based SPD Wrap and Summary Material Modification document center allowing creation, storage and updates for assigned clients.
  • Compliance Basics Plus 2 – SPD Wrap & 125 POP
    • Includes Compliance Basics, SPD Wrap, and 125 POP services.

Referral Integrity - HR Service agrees not to refer Affiliate clients to any competing organizations, and to provide HR and compliance solutions to the best of its ability to meet the needs of clients. Affiliate acknowledges that the services rendered by HR Service pursuant to this agreement are not legal services or legal advice, but are services similar to those rendered by a company’s non-attorney human resources personnel. HR Service will use its best efforts to assist referred clients with employment laws and regulations. However, Affiliate and Clients understand the Client remains ultimately responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.


Use of HR Service Handouts & Tools: Affiliate agrees not to share legal updates, HR Bulletins, employee notices, HIPAA Tools, SPD Wraps or other proprietary information with any organization or individual not assigned to our service. Affiliate agrees to keep all documents, materials, and techniques provided by HR Service confidential from other organizations and individuals. Intellectual property shared with referred clients is for their use only. Affiliate agrees not to use information shared with referred clients or to share it with other organizations or individuals without advance authorization from HR Service. HR Service shall be the sole owner of the copyright concerning all materials which it shall provide clients or share with Affiliate.

Terms: - When Affiliate elects one of the above services, for a given client, they agree to assign them to the program for a minimum of one year or the annual payment equivalent. Affiliate agrees to pay HR Service, Inc. in accordance with the monthly fees based on volume and selected services for assigned clients. All billing cycles are on a monthly or annual basis with payment due the first of the month in which the service is provided. The terms and conditions of this agreement automatically renews each year. HR Service, reserves the right to change rates at any time after one year with a 30-day advance notice.